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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Ciprofloxacin | Prescription : Not Required

Cipro is a brand-name prescription antibiotic medicine that treats infections caused by bacteria.It belongs to a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones.

Cipro 250mg

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Method of Usage



What is Cipro?


Cipro is a brand-name prescription antibiotic medicine that treats infections caused by bacteria.


It belongs to a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones.


Buy Cipro 250mg medication is highly effective in treating infections that are caused by different types of bacteria.


Order Cipro antibiotic is also recommended by doctors to treat or prevent plague and inhalation anthrax.


Cipro is effective in treating a number of bacterial infections including:


  • Pneumonia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Typhoid fever
  • Infectious diarrhea
  • Infections of the joints, skin, abdomen, and bone
  • Prostate


Remember this medicine works only for treating bacterial infections and not virus infections like the common cold & flu.


Using the antibiotic when not required can cause it to not work effectively in the future when you suffer from bacterial infections.


It is important to follow your doctor’s direction closely for the prescribed dosage in order to get maximum benefits.


Therefore, if you are still thinking about where to buy Cipro then contact our online pharmacy with low price and save money.


So, before you place an order for Cipro 500mg online, discuss with the doctor its benefits and risks.


How does Cipro work?


Cipro belongs to a group of medications known as fluoroquinolone antibiotics.


The antibiotic works by killing the bacteria that are responsible for causing an infection.


For most infections, you will start feeling better after a few days of the treatment.


However, this is going to depend completely on the type of infection you suffer from.


How to use Cipro?


You must know that Cipro comes in a tablet, suspension as well as extended-release tablet form.

A cipro dose for UTI of urinary tract infection resolution, Cipro takes center stage, with dosages tuned to the individual's bacterial narrative.

This antibiotic orchestration, conducted under healthcare expertise, unfolds a symphony of precision, hitting the right notes for healing.

Take the medication with or without the food exactly in the same manner as directed by your doctor.


The tablet and suspension are mainly taken twice a day and the extended-release tablets are taken once a day.


When treating gonorrhea with Cipro, you might be given tablets and suspension as a single dosage.


In order to remember taking it, take the medicine at the same time on a regular basis.


The length of your treatment is going to depend upon the type of infection you suffer from.


Depending upon the severity of your infection, the doctor will determine how long the treatment will go.


You cannot substitute, one type of Cipro with another.


Make sure you buy the only type of this antibiotic that is recommended by the doctor.


In case, you have any questions about the medication then you must consult the doctor once.


Do not take Cipro with any dairy products or calcium-fortified juices alone because it can cause problems.

However, you can take this antibiotic with a meal that includes foods or drinks or as prescribed by the doctor.

Swallow the tablet as a whole without chewing, crushing, or breaking it.


In case, your doctor tells you to split the 250mg or 500mg, it can be broken in half from the scored line.


Without chewing, crushing, or breaking, swallow the extended-release tablet as a whole with a glass of plain water.


If you are not able to swallow the tablet as a whole then inform your doctor.


When using the suspension, shake the bottle well for almost 15 seconds to mix the medicine properly.


You must swallow the right dose without chewing any granules present in the suspension.


After each use, you need to close the bottle properly.


Do not share your medicine with anyone else suffering from the same symptoms as yours.


This can worsen their condition and even cause serious side effects like dizziness & blurred vision.


After a few days of your treatment with Cipro, you must start feeling better.


In case, the symptoms do not improve or become worse with time then immediately call your doctor.


When you are treated for a urinary tract infection, contact the doctor, if you suffer from back pain during the treatment.


This symptom can be a sign of your infection getting worse.


Cipro precautions and warnings


It is always suggested to closely follow all the precautions and warnings recommended by the doctor for this antibiotic.


Before starting your treatment for bacterial infection, inform the doctor about your medical history especially about:


  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disorder
  • Joint/ tendon problems
  • Seizures


You must also tell the doctor about all other medications you use including herbal supplements and prescription & non-prescription medicines.


Avoid the consumption of alcohol when taking this antibiotic as it might make you suffer from dizziness.


The drug will also make you feel dizzy, so avoid driving or using any heavy machinery that demands attention.


This medication makes you more delicate to the sun. Avoid your exposure to the sun strictly.


However, whenever outdoor you must use sunscreen as well as wear protective clothing.


Cipro might also cause live bacterial vaccines to not work very well.


Before going for any immunizations or vaccinations, you must inform the doctor about using this antibiotic.


During pregnancy, you must use this medicine only when required. With your doctor, you can discuss the risks and benefits.


The medication passes into the breast milk and might also lead to undesirable effects on the nursing infant.


Cipro side effects


Remember the doctor has prescribed this medication because he thinks its benefits are greater than the side effects.


Many people using Cipro tablets do not suffer from any kind of serious side effects.


Some of the side effects of this medication often disappear once the medicine adjusts with your body.


The common side effects of Cipro medicine include:


  • Nausea
  • Light-headedness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Headache


Get emergency medical help, if any of these side effects continue or become worse.



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