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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Ezetimibe | Prescription : Not Required

Zetia is an FDA-approved medicine that treats some forms of high cholesterol in adults and children who are above 10 years.Order Zetia 10mg in online pharmacy it is used along with a low-fat diet and exercise to lower cholesterol in the blood.

Zetia 10mg

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Method of Usage



What is Zetia?


Zetia is an FDA-approved medicine that treats some forms of high cholesterol in adults and children who are above 10 years.


Order Zetia 10mg in online pharmacy it is used along with a low-fat diet and exercise to lower cholesterol in the blood.


Doctors recommend Zetia to people who are not able to control high cholesterol levels just by exercise & diet alone.


Depending upon the condition, the doctor might suggest you take Zetia along with other cholesterol-lowering pills.


Zetia contains an active ingredient Ezetimibe and belongs to a class of medicines known as cholesterol absorption inhibitors.


Drugs in this class help in avoiding your small intestine from absorbing cholesterol.


Therefore, if you are still thinking about where to buy Zetia 10mg for human consumption then contact our online pharmacy


So, before you place an order for Zetia 10mg online, discuss with the doctor its benefits and risks.

After the prescription from the doctor, you can buy this medicine from a licensed online pharmacy.


During your treatment with the Ezetimibe pill, it is important to follow the direction of the doctor strictly.


How does Zetia work?


Zetia is recommended to lower high cholesterol levels in your blood.


Its mechanism of action is to prevent your intestines from absorbing cholesterol. 


When the cholesterol is not absorbed, your body can get rid of extra cholesterol in the blood.


Most of a Zetia dose is eliminated from your body in almost 22 hours.


However, your body might also take the time of 5 days to remove this medicine from your system fully.

Assess the
Ezetimibe price for cost-effective cholesterol management on our online pharmacy.

Collaborate with healthcare professionals to balance effectiveness and affordability in tailoring your treatment plan.

How to use Zetia?


The doctor is likely to start your treatment with the typical dosage that is approved for treating your condition.


To ensure whether Zetia is working for you and whether you experience any side effects, the doctor will monitor.


In case, the doctor finds this treatment is not safe or effective for you then he might stop the intake of Zetia.


Read the patient information leaflet provided with the medicine, before starting your treatment with Ezetimibe.


If, you have any questions or doubts about the medicine or its dosage then discuss them with the doctor beforehand.


This drug should be taken by mouth mainly once a day with or without the food or as prescribed.


Depending upon your medical condition and response to treatment, the doctor will determine the right dosage of Zetia tablet.


If you take a bile acid sequestrant then take ezetimibe almost 2 hours before or 4 hours after the bile acid sequestrant.  


This product might bind to Ezetimibe and stop your body to absorb the drug fully.


Zetia comes in tablet form. Swallow the tablet as a whole with a glass of plain water.


Do not crush, chew or break the tablet or take it with other fluids unless the doctor prescribes it.


To get the most benefit from it, Zetia should be taken regularly without missing a dose.


To help you remember to take the dosage every day, take this medication at the same time each day.


Even if you feel well after a few days of the treatment, continue taking this medicine for the full prescribed time.


Several people suffering from high cholesterol levels in the blood do not feel sick.


This medicine might take the time of almost 2 weeks to offer you full benefits or control your high cholesterol.


The doctor is likely to recommend you to eat a diet low in cholesterol while your high cholesterol is treated.


Food is not going to affect how Zetia is absorbed in the body or the way this medicine works.


But intake of a low cholesterol diet with a Zetia pill can help in keeping your cholesterol levels low.


In case, you miss a dose of Ezetimibe then take it the moment you remember.


However, if it’s already the time for your next prescribed dose then skip the missed dosage.


Take your next dose at the regular time but never double the dose to catch up with the missed dose.


If you overdose and experience serious symptoms like trouble breathing or passing out then call the doctor immediately.


To monitor your progress, the doctor might suggest you some medical tests periodically.


Zetia precautions and warnings


Do not take Zetia, if you are allergic to it or have any other allergies like rashes, flushing, hives, etc.


Before using this medicine, you must consult the doctor about your medical history especially liver disease.


In case, you take Zetia with a statin then avoid the consumption of grapefruit and grapefruit juice.


Grapefruit can block the ability of your body to break down the statin.


As a result, this medicine is built up in the body and the risk of side effects is increased.

During pregnancy, this drug should be used only when required. Make sure you discuss all the risks and benefits with the doctor.


It is not confirmed whether Zetia tablet passes into breast milk. Consult the doctor before breastfeeding.


Zetia side effects


Remember the doctor has prescribed this medication because he thinks its benefits are greater than the side effects. 


Several people using Zetia tablets do not suffer from any kind of serious side effects.


However, following the direction of your doctor can save you from serious side effects.


Some of the common side effects of the Zetia tablet include:


  • Severe dizziness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Muscle pain
  • Stomach and abdominal pain
  • Liver problems
  • Yellowing of eyes & skin
  • Dark urine

This is not the complete list of side effects of Zetia, you might also experience other side effects.


Get emergency medical help, if any of these side effects continue or become worse.

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