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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Fluticasone | Prescription : Not Required

Flonase is used for relieving season and year-round non-allergic as well as allergic nasal symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.It also helps in providing relief from allergy eye symptoms like watery and itchy eyes.

Flonase 50mcg

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What is Flonase?


Flonase is used for relieving season and year-round non-allergic as well as allergic nasal symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.


It also helps in providing relief from allergy eye symptoms like watery and itchy eyes.


Flonase 50mcg contains an active ingredient called fluticasone propionate and belongs to a class of drugs corticosteroids.


Order Flonase 50mcg medicine it used to blocks the effects of substances in your nose that cause allergies and decreases swelling quickly.


The drug also prevents the release of substances in your body that are responsible for causing inflammation.


It is recommended for adults and children who are above the age of at least 4 years old.


Nowadays, you can easily find Flonase 50mcg for sale at licensed online pharmacies and save money.


So, before you place an order for Flonase 50mcg online, discuss with the doctor its benefits and risks.

You can also buy this medicine from an online pharmacy without the prescription of a doctor.


To attain maximum benefits, you must use Flonase regularly as directed by the doctor.


How does Flonase work?


Fluticasone propionate, an active ingredient of this medicine works in your nose by restricting the effects of allergies.


How to use Flonase?


This medicine comes as a prescription and non-prescription liquid to spray in your nose.


When this nasal spray is used for relieving hay fever and other allergy symptoms then it is sprayed once in the nostril. 


At a lower dose, this medicine is also sprayed in each nostril at least twice a day.


When this nasal spray is used for treating nasal polyps, it is sprayed once or twice in the nostril daily.


In case, you are an adult then the doctor will begin your treatment with a high dose of fluticasone.


However, the dose will be decreased when your symptoms improve.


When the medication is given to children, it is started with a lower dose.


The doctor might also increase the dose if the symptoms do not improve with time.


On the other hand, if the symptoms are improved then the dosage will be decreased.


Follow the direction of your doctor carefully and read the patient information leaflet also.


In case, there is any doubt or confusion about the medicine then discuss it with your doctor once.


Make sure you use the medication as directed by the doctor in order to get maximum benefits from Flonase


Do not use more or less of the medicine than prescribed by the doctor.


Using the nasal spray more frequently than recommended will not treat the condition quickly but instead cause side effects.


Flonase nasal spray is only recommended for use in the nose. Do not swallow the nasal spray and be careful.


Use the medication properly and avoid spraying it into your mouth or eyes.

Each bottle of Flonase nasal spray is only meant for use by one person.


Never try sharing the spray with another person as it will spread the germs and worsen your condition.


The medication will only control your symptoms of allergies, hay fever, and nasal polyps but not cure the condition.


Keep one thing in your mind, this medication will work best only if it is used regularly.


Use the nasal spray for the full prescribed time unless your doctor recommends you stop.


If your symptoms do not improve or get worse after their usage for 1 week then call the doctor.


Remember fluticasone nasal spray is formulated to give a certain number of sprays.


After the marked number of sprays has been used then dispose of the bottle.


In case, you have missed a dose then take it the moment you remember.


However, if it’s time for the next scheduled dosage then skip the missed dose.


Never try to take two doses at the same time because it will cause an overdose.    


In case of overdose, stop using the medicine and get emergency medical help.


Flonase precautions and warnings


Before using Fluticasone, you must inform the doctor, if you are allergic to it or have any other allergies.

This medication might contain inactive ingredients that can lead to the problem of allergic reactions.


It is always better to discuss with your doctor beforehand all the benefits and risks of Flonase.


Save your eyes and mouth from getting the spray. In case, it happens then rinse with your water. 


You must avoid being near people who are sick or have infections.


Call the doctor for precautionary treatment, if you are exposed to measles or chickenpox.


These conditions can be serious and even dangerous in people who use fluticasone nasal.


Inform the doctor about all other products you use including herbal supplements, prescription, and non-prescription medicines.


Before starting your treatment, you must inform the doctor about your medical history including:


  • Liver disease
  • Recent nose problems
  • Certain eye disorders
  • Infections like tuberculosis and herpes

Using corticosteroid medicines for a long time can make it difficult for the body to respond to physical stress.


Before undergoing any surgery including dental surgery, you must inform the doctor about using Flonase.


Flonase side effects


The doctor has prescribed fluticasone nasal spray because he thinks its benefits are greater when compared to side effects.


Some of the side effects disappear when your body adjusts to Flonase spray

after some days.


Many people do not suffer from any kind of serious side effects while using

this medication.


Here are some of the common side effects that you might experience when using Flonase:


  • Headache
  • Trouble breathing
  • Rashes
  • Tiredness
  • Bitter taste in the mouth


Get emergency medical help, if any of these side effects continue or become worse.


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