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Lomustine (Lomoother)

Lomustine (Lomoother)

Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Lomustine | Alternative Search : Lomoother | Prescription : Not Required

Lomustine is a prescription drug that treats certain types of brain tumors.

Lomustine (Lomoother) 40mg

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Method of Usage



What is Lomustine?


Lomustine is a prescription drug that treats certain types of brain tumors.


Lomustine is also used with other medicines to treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma that has not improved or worsened after treatment with other drugs.


You can find Lomustine in market under different brand names such as Gleostine and CeeNu.


After a prescription from a doctor, you can buy this medicine from a licensed online pharmacy and save on Lomustine price.


This medicine comes in capsule form and is available in different strengths such as Lomustine 10mg, 40mg, and 100mg.


Uses of Lomustine


Doctors prescribe Lomustine for:


  • Treatment of brain tumor, lung cancer, malignant melanoma, and Hodgkin’s disease.


How does Lomustine work?


Lomustine is an anti-cancer medicine that works by damaging genetic material like DNA and RNA of cancer cells.


This further helps to stop growth and multiplication of cancer cells.


How to take Lomustine?


Before starting your treatment with Lomustine, it is important to read patient information leaflet.


If there is any confusion about this medicine or its dosage then you can discuss it with a doctor.


Take this medicine by mouth with a glass of plain water. Do not crush, cut, or chew the capsule.


To provide correct dose for you, there can be capsules of different sizes and colors to take as a single dosage.


Take this medication by mouth as a single dosage as recommended by a doctor, mainly once every 6 weeks.


You may receive your dose in two or more distinct capsule strengths/colors.


To prevent nausea and vomiting, take this medicine on an empty stomach almost 1 hour before or 2 to 3 hours after a meal.  


Based on your medical condition, body’s response to treatment, lab tests, and body size.


Do not increase your dosage or use this medicine more often or for a longer time than directed by a doctor.


By increasing dose, your condition will not improve any faster, instead risk of side effects will increase.


You must wear rubber or latex gloves while handling this capsule. In this way, your skin will not come in contact with medicine.


If capsule contents touch your skin then immediately wash that area well with soap and water immediately.


Lomustine capsules can weaken your immune system. Severe and sometimes fatal infections might occur for 6 weeks after you are treated with this drug.


During your treatment with this medicine, doctor can conduct frequent medical tests.


Lomustine can have long lasting effects on a patient’s body. Your blood needs to be tested for 6 weeks after each dose of this medication.


Vomiting and nausea often occur with this medicine, but usually last for less than 24 hours. Loss of appetite might last for several days.


The ideal time to take a lomustine capsule is before bed on an empty stomach. This will cause less stomach upset.


  • Missed dose


This medicine should be taken on a fixed schedule as directed by your doctor.


If you miss a dose then immediately contact your doctor or treatment clinic for instructions.


  • Overdose


If you have overdosed and experience severe symptoms like trouble breathing or passing out, seek emergency medical help.


Precautions and warnings for Lomustine


Before you start taking Lomustine, let doctor know if you are allergic to it, or have any other allergies.


This medicine might contain some inactive ingredients which can cause you allergic reactions or problems.


Let doctor know about your medical history beforehand, especially about:


  • Lung disease
  • Current infection
  • Liver disorders
  • Blood problems like clotting and anemia
  • Kidney disease


Intake of this medication can make you more likely to experience infections or make current infections worse.


Stay away from people who already have an infection that can easily spread like measles, chickenpox, and flu.


See your doctor right away if you think you may have contracted an infection.


Before having any vaccinations or immunizations, inform doctor that you are using Lomustine.


Do not come in contact with people who have recently received live vaccines like flu vaccine inhaled through nose.


When handling sharp devices, such nail clippers and razors, take care to reduce the chance of bruises, cuts, or other injuries.


Tell your doctor if you are or want to become pregnant. While using Lomustine, do not become pregnant.


This medication can harm an unborn baby.


Women taking this medicine must ask for reliable forms of birth control during treatment and for 2 weeks after last dosage.


While on this medication and for four months following their last Lomustine capsule dosage, men should also inquire about safe birth control options.


In case, you or your partner becomes pregnant during treatment with this medication, talk to a doctor right away.


As this medication can get absorbed through lungs & skin and might harm an unborn baby, pregnant women should not handle capsules.


The drug's ability to enter breast milk is uncertain. Due to possible risk to infant, breastfeeding is not suggested for at least 2 weeks after last dose.


Lomustine capsule reduces bone marrow function, an effect that can cause a low number of blood cells like platelets, red cells, and white cells.


This effect further causes anemia, reduces your body’s ability to fight against infection, or causes bruising.


All these side effects generally occur 4 to 6 weeks after your last dosage and last up to 1-2 weeks.


Let your doctor know, if you develop any of these symptoms: signs of infection, unusual tiredness, easy bruising/bleeding, and pale skin.


Your dose and further treatment plan will depend on your blood tests.


Due to severe side effects, do not take this medicine more often than once for 6 weeks.


Side effects of Lomustine


This medicine has been prescribed to you by a doctor because he has judged that benefit to you is greater than side effects.


While starting the treatment, you might experience mouth/lip sores, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, or vomiting.


However, nausea and vomiting last for less than 24 hours but loss of appetite might last for several days.


In some cases, your doctor can also prescribe medicine to prevent or relieve vomiting & nausea.


Try eating small meals or limiting your activities as these can help you to decrease some of the Lomustine side effects.


You can also experience temporary hair loss. However, normal hair growth returns after your treatment ends.


Get emergency medical help, if you have any of the following side effects while taking Lomustine 40mg:


  • Stomach/abdominal pain
  • Yellowing skin/eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Signs of kidney disorders
  • Black stools




Drug interactions can change how your medicines work or increase risk of experiencing severe side effects.


Keep a list of all products you use and share it with your doctor including prescription & non-prescription drugs and herbal supplements.


Without a doctor’s approval, do not start, stop, or change dosage of any medicines.


To avoid drug interactions, do not take following medicines with a Lomustine capsule:


  • Avastin
  • Bystolic
  • Colace
  • Crestor
  • Doxy 100
  • Decadron
  • Lipitor




Store this medication at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and moisture.


Frequently asked questions about Lomustine (FAQS)


  • Is Lomustine 40mg effective?


If taken in dose and duration as prescribed by a doctor, Lomustine capsule is effective.


It might be used in combination with other medications/radiotherapy or surgery to get best results.


Patients must follow instructions of their doctor carefully about this treatment.


  • How much time does the body retain lomustine?


Lomustine might stay in your body from 16 hours to 2 days.


  • Where to buy Lomustine?


Lomustine can be purchased from Sanford pharmacy a licensed online platform to buy medicine without prescription.

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