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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Rhinocort | Prescription : Not Required

Rhinocort is a nasal spray containing budesonide as its active ingredient that provides relief from year-round & seasonal allergy symptoms.

Rhinocort 100mcg

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Method of Usage




What is Rhinocort?


Rhinocort is a nasal spray containing budesonide as its active ingredient that provides relief from year-round & seasonal allergy symptoms.

Order Rhinocort 100mcg is used to it provides quick relief from stuffy/runny nose, itchy nose, throat, eyes as well as sneezing.


Doctors often prescribe this nasal spray to adults and children of 6 years age and older.


It also treats seasonal allergic and non-allergic rhinitis unresponsive to normal therapy.


Rhinocort is helpful in the treatment of nasal polyps and in the prevention of nasal polyps after polypectomy is caused.


In order to attain the maximum benefits of this medication, you must follow the direction of your doctor.


However, before you decide to buy Rhinocort, it is necessary to consult the doctor once.


Therefore, if you are still thinking about where to buy Rhinocort then contact our  online pharmacy.


After the prescription of the doctor, this nasal spray can be purchased from an online pharmacy.


How does Rhinocort work?


This nasal spray works by restricting the production of some chemical messengers that cause allergies and swelling.


As a result, the discomfort and irritation in your nose are relieved.


How to use Rhinocort?


Before starting your treatment, it is necessary to read the patient information leaflet carefully.

The Rhinocort allergy spray is a fast-acting spray that helps me breathe easier. It is not a long-term solution, but it works well.

If there is any doubt about the medication or its dosage then discuss it with your doctor beforehand.


This medicine is for use in your nose, mainly 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril once or twice a day.


Avoid spraying this medicine in your eyes and before using the spray, blow your nose gently.


Before each use, you must shake the container and use it as directed by the doctor.


By pressing with your finger, you need close one nostril and tilt your head a little forward.


Insert the nasal applicator into the other nostril and press down on the pump to deliver a recommended number of sprays.


After pressing the spray, breathe in through the nose gently and keep your mouth closed.


Make sure to avoid blowing your nose for at least 15 minutes after using this medicine.


Depending upon your age, response to treatment, and medical condition, the doctor will prescribe dosage.


The doctor might recommend a smaller dose of this medication to younger children.


To help the child use this medicine properly, it is always to take help from an adult.


You must always use this medication on a regular basis in order to get the most benefit from it.


Use the nasal spray at the same time every day so that you remember taking it.


Do not increase or decrease the dose or use it more often than directed by the doctor.


Using the nasal spray more frequently than prescribed will not treat your condition quickly but instead cause side effects.


Remember this medication is not going to work right away.


Some people start experiencing the results within 1 to 2 days, while others find the results in 2 weeks.


Ask the doctor about using other medication (if any) while using Rhinocort nasal spray until it offers full effect.


If your child needs to use this medication for more than 2 months in a year then talk to the doctor once.


Keep a track of the number of sprays you have used from the bottle.


If you find your condition does not improve after 2 weeks or gets worse then stop using the nasal spray.


Get emergency medical help, if you think you have any kind of severe medical condition.


Rhinocort precautions and warnings


Before using the medication, inform the doctor if you are allergic to Rhinocort or its active ingredients or have any allergies.


This nasal spray might contain some inactive ingredients that can make you suffer from allergic reactions.


Tell the doctor about your medical history, before using this medicine, especially about:


  • Infections like tuberculosis
  • Eye problems like cataracts & glaucoma
  • Recent nose disorders such as surgery, injury, or ulcers


Avoid contact with people who have some kind of infection that spread to others like measles, chickenpox, and flu.


In case, you come in contact with a person and suffer from infection then immediately consult the doctor.


Before undergoing any surgery, you must tell the doctor about using this nasal spray well in advance.


Also, inform the doctor beforehand about using all other products like herbal supplements, and prescription & non-prescription medicines.


This will help the doctor to recommend Rhinocort accordingly and adjust the dosage of other pills.


If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant then inform the doctor immediately about using this medicine.


It is still not known whether the medication passes into breast milk or not.


So, before breastfeeding consult your doctor once to avoid any severe problems.


Pay attention to drug interactions because they can change completely how a medication works and even cause side effects.


It is recommended to discuss all the risks and benefits of the medication with your doctor beforehand.


Rhinocort side effects


Remember the doctor has prescribed Rhinocort because he thinks its benefits are greater than the side effects.


Some of the side effects even disappear when your body adjusts to the nasal spray after some days.


Many people using this medication do not suffer from any kind of serious side effects.


Some of the most common side effects of Rhinocort include:


  • Vision problems
  • Body ache
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Serious or ongoing nosebleeds
  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irritability


This is not the complete list of side effects, you might even experience other symptoms.


Call the doctor, if any of these side effects persist or become worse.


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