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Lamivudine + Abacavir - 300 mg/600mg

Manufacturer : Mylan Pharmaceuticals | Active substance : Lamivudine + Abacavir | Prescription : Not Required

Lamivudine and Abacavir are a combination of two HIV medicines to prevent HIV from spreading over the body.

Lamivudine + Abacavir - 300 mg/600mg 300 mg/600mg

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Method of Usage

Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg


What is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg?

Lamivudine and Abacavir are a combination of two HIV medicines to prevent HIV from spreading over the body.

Of course, it will reduce the virus entering your body and increase the CD4 cells. It protects white blood cells against the infection and count in your body.

So, you must learn about the lamivudine side effects before purchasing it.

Abacavir and lamivudine are antiviral medicines which are used to prevent HIV from multiplying in your body.

Thus, you must carefully check the dose and lamivudine cost before buying it.

How does Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg work?

Of course, this combination of medicines is widely used to treat HIV infections, which cause AIDS, and there is no cure for this disease but control multiplying.

It delivers all purposes in the medication guide from the doctor's advice.

Lamivudine and Abacavir control spreading multiple times in the body per the doctor's guidance.

It may used to prevent HIV and act within 72 hours of exposure to the HIV. You can take it with food as it enhances the absorption of medicine into the body.

However, this combination of medicines causes dizziness or sleepiness. But at the same time, do not drive or do anything to make you concentrate as it affects your health condition.

There will be an increase in treatment failure when you skip the doses. Thus, get a proper dose level and take the medication at the correct time.

Lamivudine medicine only accepts a limited time and check where to buy lamivudine online.

Read the instructions as suggested by the doctor and practice the correct dose. You must exercise regularly and take vitamins and calcium to overcome the side effects.

Always follow the warning card with you per the doctor's suggestion. Patients have to seek the doctor's help in case of doubts about the dose levels.

How to use Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg?

On the other hand, the dose level is vital to adjust as per the doctor's help. Of course, the dose level is accurately followed as you can overcome the side effects. So, read the instructions.

Lamivudine and Abacavir may be taken with or without food. But at the same time, consult the doctor and get proper guidance.

So, use the medicine as per the doctor's recommendation and check abacavir lamivudine cost.

Patients must store the medicine at room temperature and away from moisture and direct sunlight to prevent damage.

If you ever find hepatitis B, this virus may become active and worsen quickly.

Of course, you have to do a liver function test while using this medicine for several months. It must only be taken once day.

Both medicines have several effects and determine the correct dose level to seek the doctor. This product is right for you to quickly intake and overcome the spreading rate.

You must consult the doctor before taking the next dose for allergic reactions. So, stop the dose and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Only stop treatment if you can seek a doctor's guidance. They can tell the proper advice to follow and easily overcome the side effects.

  • Overdose:

Lamivudine and Abacavir dose information is a must when you take this medicine for a long time. Consult the doctor and talk with them about the lamivudine dose.

In case of an overdose, you must stop the lamivudine and get proper guidance, as it may lead to some side effects and suffering.

You have to take one tablet orally once a day.

Thus, overdose sometimes causes adverse reactions to human health. So, stop doing this and consult a doctor immediately.

  • Missed dose:

You have to follow the proper dose level as suggested by the doctor. Patients have to follow a single dose every day to get better results.

But, always take the dose as it may affect the treatment.

Then, consult the doctor and get an opinion about the following dose levels. But make sure you don't take two doses at the same time.

Precautions and warnings:

In some patients, lamivudine side effects and Abacavir have caused severe allergic reactions. At that time, consult the doctor and explain the risks you faced.

If the blood test shows risky conditions, stop the medication and take a proper opinion. The treatment choices will vary as per the conditions you are in.

Symptoms may vary according mainly to the health conditions, but a proper dose and consultation are necessary.

It allows you to prevent any risks and follow the appropriate treatment schedule.

Due to allergic reasons, you cannot stop your own medicine. Instead, go to the clinic for a consultation to follow up on the procedure.

You can find lamivudine uses in detail, and it contains natural elements.

If you develop symptoms of liver problems, you must get proper guidance, and severe conditions may happen to your health.

A doctor will examine thoroughly and get liver tests to monitor at any time.

Of course, get your prescription refill before it runs out entirely. If a missed dose happens, you may have dangerous or even fatal allergic reactions.

Side effects of Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg

A proper dose level is the best way to overcome the side effects in abacavir.

However, depending on the health conditions, some patients may experience side effects, which may be high or moderate.

Then, speak with the doctor and describe your side effects or symptoms. These are some of the negative consequences.

  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea and stomach pain
  • Ill feeling and tiredness
  • Body aches
  • Shortness of breath and sore throat
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swing
  • Trouble sleeping at night

If you stop taking this abacavir/lamivudine, it may lead to side effects which worsen the condition. For this reason, a proper dose level is adjusted by the doctor.

Some abacavir side effects may come and happen, but some will persist for longer.

In case of dose confusion, seek proper advice promptly to avoid adverse reactions.

Based on the doctor's suggestion and FDA approval, the medicine is sold to HIV patients. However, side effects may happen at any time after taking medication.


After buying lamivudine and Abacavir medicine, you must use and store them at proper room temperature.

But make sure to stay away from light and moisture.

At the same time, don't store in the bathroom and keep medications out of children and pets.

You have to learn the storage condition of the medicine and keep it safe until it is over.


On the other hand, drug interactions may change the medication's working process. Certain side effects or hazards exist.

The patients must learn about the proper interactions and keep a list of products they use before or with this drug.

It includes prescribed and nonprescription medicines or herbal ones.

You have to share with the doctor and get a proper consultation to overcome other albavir.

Keep a list of medicines with you and speak with your doctor.

It is advised not to take lamivudine and Abacavir with other medications. Emtricitabine is a similar medicine, and one should not born with this medicine.

Some products that may interact with this combination of medicines are orlistat and sorbitol.

Avoid using this medication in combination with any other products that include lamivudine or abacavir.

Frequently asked questions for Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg (FAQs)

  • What is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg? What is it used for?

Lamivudine and Abacavir is a combination medicine which is used to treat HIV infections and multiply the body.

Of course, it helps control the virus, but it is not a cure. It allows you to prevent infection, and the immune system can work better after infection.

  • Is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg safe?

Of course, this combination medicine is entirely safe as you follow the proper dose level.

But before that, consult your doctor and get the appropriate dose level. You must follow the instructions carefully to avoid side effects.

  • How does Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg work?

On the other hand, this combination medicine works by blocking the reverse transcriptase enzyme function, which applies to the HIV replication process.

So, it will help you reduce HIV in the blood more efficiently.

  • Is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg effective?

Due to the potential chemical and natural components present, Lamivudine and Abacavir are effective for HIV patients.

You can see improvement in your condition, and never stop this medication as soon as possible.

  • What is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg hypersensitivity reaction/ what is Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg hypersensitivity?

The use of this combination drug may cause serious side effects. Of course, you can experience fever, headache, vomiting, tiredness, shortness of breath, etc.

In case the symptoms persist, consult the doctor and get proper treatment.

  • What if I need to remember to take a dose of Lamivudine + Abacavir 300 mg/600mg?

If you forget to take medicine, remember and take it as soon as possible. If it is missed, consult a doctor to take the next dose.

But always take the missed dose and take the following schedule.

Within the prescribed time, you must take it, increasing the chance of developing side effects.

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