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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Mebeverine | Prescription : Not Required

Colospa is a prescription medication that treats and relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The symptoms of IBS include cramps in the abdomen, stomach pain & spasm, changes in bowel habits, bloating, and gas.

Colospa 135mg

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Method of Usage




What is Colospa?


Colospa is a prescription medication that treats and relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.


The symptoms of IBS include cramps in the abdomen, stomach pain & spasm, changes in bowel habits, bloating, and gas.


By treating irritable bowel syndrome, this medication relaxes the muscles of your intestine and relieves spasms.


It is important for you to know that irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects your digestive system.


Keep one thing in your mind, Colospa 135mg is not intended for use in patients who are than 18 years of age.


Buy Colospa 135mg  it contains Mebeverine hydrochloride as its active ingredient and belongs to a class of drugs called antispasmodics.


Nowadays, you can also order Colospaa135mg without prescription right from an online pharmacy at a reasonable cost.


However, before you decide to buy Colospa 135mg, it is necessary to consult the doctor once.


After the prescription from the doctor, you can order this medicine from a licensed online pharmacy at a reasonable price.


How does Colospa work?


Colospa contains Mebeverine which works by obstructing calcium channels and muscarinic receptors that cause pain sensation & muscle contraction.


This further stops sudden muscle contractions and decrease abdominal pain caused due to cramps, spasm, bloating, and gas formation.


How to use Colospa?


Read the patient information leaflet carefully, before starting your treatment with the Colospa tablet.


If you have any doubt or questions about this medicine or its dosage then discuss it with the doctor once.


Make sure you take this tablet in a dose and duration as directed by the doctor without skipping any dose.


Swallow the tablet as a whole with a glass of plain water without crushing, chewing, or breaking it.


Take this medication almost 20 minutes before having a meal in order to relieve or decrease post-meal symptoms.


Inform the doctor about all other medicines you take as some might affect or be affected by the Colospa tablet.


Continue taking this drug for as long as your doctor recommends.


Even if you start feeling well after a few days of the treatment, take this drug for the full prescribed time.


In case, you stop the treatment too early then your symptoms might come back and your condition can get worse.


Remember following lifestyle modifications such as increasing fluid consumption, having a fiber-rich diet, and regular exercising is important for better results.


In case, you take this medicine twice then take it before having breakfast as well as dinner.


If Colospa is recommended three times a day then take it before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Always take this medication with plain water unless the doctor recommends you otherwise.


Colospa might take the time of almost 2 weeks to offer you full benefits.


Consult the doctor, if you find your symptoms do not improve or become worse after 2 weeks of the treatment.


Take this medicine at the same time every day so that you remember taking it.


Without the direction of the doctor, do not take increase or decrease the dosage of this pill.


Taking Colospa more often than directed by the doctor will not treat your condition quickly, but cause side effects.


In case, you have missed a dose of Mebeverine then skip the missed dose and continue with the regular dose.


Never try to take a double dose of this medication just to make up for your missed dose. 


If you overdose on this medication then stop taking Colospa immediately and call the doctor.


Always store this medicine at room temperature away from moisture, sunlight, and heat.


Colospa precautions and warnings


This medication is not recommended for use in patients who are allergic to Mebeverine or other ingredients present in it.


Colospa might contain some inactive ingredients that can make you suffer from allergic reactions.


It is better to discuss with the doctor all the benefits and risks linked with this drug.


Mebeverine is not recommended for use in patients who already suffer from a paralytic ileus as it can worsen the condition.


This medicine is not intended for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women unless necessary.


Patients suffering from kidney diseases must take this medicine with caution due to the increased risk of serious side effects.


During the treatment with this drug, close monitoring of kidney function tests is important.


Before starting the treatment, it is important to inform the doctor about your medical history, especially of:


  • Liver disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Heart disease


Intake of this medication can make you feel dizzy. So, avoid driving and involving in any activity that demands attention.


Avoid the consumption of alcohol because it can decrease the effectiveness of the Colospa tablet.


Inform the doctor about taking other products like prescription & non-prescription pills and herbal supplements.


This will help your doctor to prescribe a Colospa tablet accordingly and adjust the dosage of other medications you take.


Pay attention to drug interactions because several medicines like Orlistat and Mefloquine interact with Colospa.


Without consulting your doctor, do not recommend this pill to another person.


Colospa side effects


This drug can have very less or minimal side effects, but it may make you suffer from skin rash sometimes.


Stop the medication and inform the doctor immediately, if you experience:


  •  Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling of the face, throat, neck, or tongue


Several people using this medicine do not suffer from any kind of serious side effects.


However, if you take this medication as directed by the doctor then the risk of severe side effects decreases.


Get emergency medical help, if any of your side effects persist or turn out to be worse.


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