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Manufacturer : Generic | Active substance : Domperidone | Prescription : Not Required

Motilium tablet is used in the treatment of indigestion, vomiting, and nausea.This medicine increases the movement of food through your stomach and intestines.

Motilium 10mg

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Method of Usage





What is Motilium?


Motilium tablet is used in the treatment of indigestion, vomiting, and nausea.


This medicine increases the movement of food through your stomach and intestines.


As a result, you get relief from fullness, bloating as well as gastric discomfort.

Buy Motilium 10mg it contains an active ingredient called domperidone which belongs to a class of drugs called a dopamine antagonists.


Order Motilium 10mg drug is only recommended for adults and adolescents who are 12 years and above.


Nausea and vomiting are not diseases but symptoms of several conditions such as motion sickness, infections, and early stages of pregnancy.


To relieve nausea, indigestion, and vomiting, Motilium is used alone or in combination with other drugs.


While using this medicine, it is important to follow the direction of your doctor to attain maximum benefits.


Nowadays, you can also order Motilium 10mg without prescription right from an online pharmacy at a reasonable cost.


However, before you decide to buy Motilium 10mg, it is necessary to consult the doctor once.



After the prescription from the doctor, you can order a Motilium tablet from a licensed online pharmacy.


How does Motilium work?


A Motilium tablet is a prokinetic and works on the region of your brain that controls vomiting effectively.


It also acts on your upper digestive tract in order to increase the movement of the stomach and intestines.

motilium domperidone
is a medicine used for treating stomach ulcers and gastritis.

It works by reducing the amount of acid your stomach makes.

As a result, the food is able to move through your stomach easily.


How to use Motilium?

Before starting your treatment with Motilium, read the patient information leaflet carefully provided with the medicine itself.    


If there is any doubt about the medication or its dosage then discuss it with the doctor once.


This tablet is taken an hour before having each meal in the dose and duration as recommended by the doctor.


Depending on your condition and how you respond to the medicine, the doctor will determine the right dosage of Motilium.


Make sure you do not take this medication unless the doctor tells you to stop. 


Stopping this pill suddenly can make you suffer from serious side effects and even worsen your condition.


Do not take Motilium tablets for longer than seven days unless recommended by the doctor.


Without consulting the doctor, do not share this medication with another person.


In case, you forget to take a dose of this tablet then take it the moment you remember.


However, if it’s already the time for your next scheduled dose then skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosage.


Just to make up your missed dose, never try to double the dose of Motilium tablet.


Do not take this medicine more than prescribed as this will lead to an overdose.


If you suffer from an overdose of this tablet then stop taking Motilium and get emergency medical help immediately.


Store this medicine at room temperature right away from sunlight, heat, and moisture.


The doctor can recommend some stress-reducing programs, exercise, and

diet changes to assist in the treatment & prevention of ulcers.


Motilium precautions and warnings


Considering a few precautions and warnings beforehand can help you to attain the maximum benefits of Motilium.


Before taking domperidone, inform the doctor if you are allergic to it or other ingredients present in this drug.


  • This medicine might contain some inactive ingredients that can make you
  • suffer from allergic reactions or other problems.


Even if you suffer from certain allergy problems like rashes, flushing, and hives then inform the doctor beforehand.


Intake of this drug can also cause you dizziness. So avoid driving or doing anything that needs mental focus.


Doctors also recommend avoiding the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages strictly as they cause more dizziness.


Intake of alcohol during the treatment with a domperidone tablet can increase the chances of side effects.


Sometimes, this medicine also causes diarrhea and further causes dehydration.


To prevent dehydration, it is vital for you to take plenty of fluids exactly in the same way as directed by the doctor.


Consumption of Motilium tablets during pregnancy can be unsafe for an unborn baby.


If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant then discuss with the doctor all benefits and risks.


Breastfeeding while taking this pill is safe as a significant amount of this medicine does not pass in the breastmilk.


All the breastfeeding women must consult the doctor first and then start treatment with Motilium.


Inform the doctor about your medical history, before starting the treatment with Motilium like heart disease, liver disorder, etc.


Prolonged intake of this tablet can be linked with an increased risk of cardiac arrest as well as heart rhythm disorder.


Tell your doctor well in advance about all other products you use including herbal supplements, and prescription and non-prescription drugs.


This will help the doctor to recommend the dosage of Motilium tablet accordingly and adjust the dosage of other medicines.


Tell your doctor immediately, if you suffer from diarrhea, stomach pain, or fever that does not go away.


Pay attention to drug interactions as they can change the way your medicine works and can increase the risk of side effects.


Do not take Motilium tablets with other medicines that treat high blood pressure and heart problems.


Motilium side effects


Remember the doctor has prescribed Motilium pill because he thinks its benefits are greater than the side effects.


The most common side effects of Motilium tablets include stomach pain, headache, and dry mouth.


Most of these side effects are temporary and disappear as your body adjusts to this medicine.


Get emergency medical help, if any of these side effects do not improve or become worse with time.



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