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Tamoxifen 20mg

Tamoxifen 20mg

Manufacturer : Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd | Active substance : Tamoxifen | Prescription : Not Required

Tamoxifen 20 mg is used for treating the Breast cancer in men and women. These also help to minimize the risk of developing breast cancer in women.

Tamoxifen 20mg 20mg

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Method of Usage

What Is Tamoxifen 20mg?

Tamoxifen 20 mg is used for treating the Breast cancer in men and women. These also help to minimize the risk of developing breast cancer in women.

The tamoxifen is helpful for those who are at higher risk of diseases. The Tamoxifen 20 mg medicine is not recommended for the use of pregnant women.

The Tamofen 20mg Tablet is normally the Anti-Estrogens prescribed for treating breast cancer.

These are significant for reducing the risk of breast cancer in Post and Pre-menopausal women.

The tamoxifen breast cancer medicine is helpful for slowing the growth and multiplication of the cancer cells in the body.

The Tamofen 20mg Tablet is also prescribed for treating infertility. Sanford Pharmacy is proud to offer Tamoxifen 20mg, providing a vital lifeline to women navigating the complexities of this disease.

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How Does Tamoxifen 20mg Work?

Tamoxifen 20 mg (Fresenius) is a hormone-based medication that extensively works on binding estrogen receptors.

This medication would block the effects of estrogen or natural female hormones found in breast tissue.

 These automatically slow the growth and even multiplication of the breast cancer cells.

Tamofen 20mg Tablet involves reducing the symptoms of breast cancer like the bloody discharge from the nipple, breast lumps, changes in the shape of the breast and many others.

Knowing about the tamoxifen uses and its benefits is essential before taking the medication.

Tamoxifen 20 mg works with extensively altering production of those hormones in body.

These hormones are essential for the growth and spread of breast cancer in the body.

Tamoxifen 20 mg is prescribed for pre and postmenopausal women who have breast cancer.

This medication could also interact with various other hormones and even have a direct effect on cancer.

Tamoxifen especially belongs to Group of Medicine called as Antiestrogens or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs).

These are unique class of drugs which works in the similar manner for treating various conditions.

Before taking the Tamoxifen 20 mg, it is essential to know how long does tamoxifen stay in your system.

Antiestrogens extensively work by blocking the effect of the Hormone Estrogen in the body.

Tamoxifen 20m: Get it from our Reputed Online Sanford Pharmacy.

Estrogen causes the growth of varied types of breast tumours.

Tamoxifen 20 mg (Fresenius) blocks the growth of tumours, which responds to the effect of estrogen.

 Normally, Tamoxifen 20 mg would be blocking the action of the female hormone, estrogen.

 Tamoxifen is a prescription drug which is available in the form of an Oral Tablet or Oral Solution.

Tamoxifen oral Tablet is especially available as a Generic drug. Generic tamoxifen costs less when compared to other brand-name drugs.

 These are used along with Endocrine therapy, which automatically stops or slows the progression of breast cancer.

These change the balance of hormones in our body.

For some types of breast cancer, the cancer cells develop quickly when a higher level of Estrogen is present.

Lowering the estrogen levels may help reduce this risk in the body.

How to Use Tamoxifen 20mg?

Take the dose and duration of Tamoxifen medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

The dosage of the Tamoxifen medicine varies from one person to another.

You need to swallow the Tamoxifen 20mg as a whole.

Do not break, crush or chew the Tamoxifen 20mg Tablet.

Tamoxifen 20m from Sanford Pharmacy and get delivered at your doorstep.

The Tamofen 20mg Tablet can be taken with or without food.

Take the Tamofen 20mg Tablet at a fixed time every day as prescribed by the doctor.

Before taking Tamoxifen 20mg medicine, talk to your doctor about whether you are on treatment for infertility.

If you have had a blood clot disorder in the past, then you need to immediately consult the doctor.

Normally, the tamoxifen dosage varies from one patient to another based on their health condition, age and many more.

The doctor checks the complete health condition of patients and prescribes the dosage and duration in the most effective manner.

Doctor would be considering various factors before prescribing the Tamoxifen 20mg medicine to the patients.

Normally, you need to take the Tamoxifen 20mg by mouth with or without food directed by the doctor.

The doctor would suggest whether to take it once or twice a day.

Normally, the daily dosage which is higher than 20mg would be divided into half so they can be taken twice a day.

For example, when you are taking the daily dosage higher than 20mg then you need to take in the morning and evening.

Consult a doctor to know how to take tamoxifen medicine to get the full effect on the body.

You can buy Tamoxifen 20m from Online Sanford Pharmacy.

Whether you are taking the Tamoxifen suspension or liquid then it is essential to measure the dosage carefully with special measuring device/spoon.

You must not be using the household spoon as they do not give you the correct dosage.

 Inform your doctor before taking any other medication for other issues, as the interaction could be causing severe side effects.

Doctors could perform blood tests to check the calcium level and liver function.

Many people like to know where to buy tamoxifen for their medication, you can make online purchases with Sanford pharmacy and save your money.

Why Choose Sanford Pharmacy for Tamoxifen 20mg:

 Sanford Pharmacy is committed to providing top-quality medications and personalized care to our customers.

 Tamoxifen dosage will be based on age, form of tamoxifen you take, type and severity of the condition, medical conditions and many more.

Missed Dose:

If you have missed a Tamoxifen 20mg dosage then you need to take it as soon as you remember it.

When it is time for the next dosage, you can continue with the regular schedule.


Do not overdose or double dose the Tamoxifen 20mg for the missed dosage to avoid the side effects in the body.

 If you have accidentally overdosed on the Tamoxifen 20mg medication, then you need to immediately consult the doctor or seek an emergency medical centre.

Precautions and Warnings:

Taking Tamoxifen could increase the risk of uterine cancer, stroke, liver cancer, or even blood clots in the lungs. Before taking Tamoxifen 20mg, it is essential to know about the precautions to take.

  • Pregnancy:

Tamofen 20mg Tablet is unsafe to use when you are pregnant. You need to consult a doctor immediately when you have taken the Tamoxifen Tablet.

Studies show that pregnant women and animals have harmful effects on developing babies when taking Tamoxifen.

  • Breastfeeding:

Tamofen 20mg Tablet is also unsafe to use on breastfeeding. There are limited human data which suggest that Tamoxifen could pass on breast milk and harm the baby.

Side Effects of Tamoxifen 20mg:

Before taking the medicine, you need to know about the tamoxifen side effects, such as mood swings, vaginal discharge, nausea and many more. Below are some of the common and rare side effects listed:

Common Side Effects:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Fluid retention
  • Weight loss

If you are facing these side effects persistently while taking Tamoxifen 20mg then you need to consult doctor immediately.


Keep the Tamoxifen 20mg Tablet at room temperature

Keep it away from the sun or moisture

Keep the children and pets away from the Tamoxifen medicine

Dispose of the used or expired Tablets based on advice on labels


Taking Tamofen 20mg with any of the following medicines could cause severe side effects in the body. Below are some of the Tamoxifen Interactions

  • Acenocoumarol
  • Estradiol
  • Tibolone
  • Ethinyl Estradiol

Talk to the doctor before taking the Tamoxifen 20mg when you are already taking various medications. You can easily buy tamoxifen in online with Sanford Pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tamoxifen 20mg (FAQs):

What Is Tamofen 20mg Tablet?

The Medicine Tamoxifen is also useful for treating breast cancer in men and women. Tamoxifen 20 mg is useful for lowering the chance of developing estrogen-dependent breast cancer in women.

What If I Forget To Take Tamoxifen 20mg?

If you missed a Tamofen dose, you can take it as soon as you remember it. Do not double dose the medication as these could cause side effects.

What Is The Dose Of Tamoxifen 20mg?

Take Tamoxifen as per the advice of your doctor. Number of doses each day and duration depends on medical condition and age factors. Please consult doctor for the Tamofen 20mg dosage.

What If I Stop Taking Tamoxifen 20mg Tablet?

You must not stop taking Tamoxifen 20mg as it could increase the risk of breast cancer. Doctors would be prescribing the dosage and duration of the Tamoxifen medicine.

Can I Take Tamoxifen 20mg After Food?

The Tamoxifen medicine can be taken with or even without food as prescribed by the doctor.

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