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Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort)

Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort)

Manufacturer : Cipla Limited | Active substance : Formoterol & Budesonide | Alternative Search : Inhaler, Foracort | Prescription : Not Required

<p>Foracort inhaler is the best medication for controlling asthma symptoms. COPD is a lung disease with breath shortness and chronic bronchitis.&nbsp;</p>

Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 400 mcg

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Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 100mcg

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Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 200mcg

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Method of Usage

What is Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md? 

Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler, commonly known as Foracort, is a combination medication used for the management of respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Available at Sanford Pharmacy, this inhaler provides effective relief from symptoms associated with these conditions.

Foracort inhaler is the best medication for controlling asthma symptoms.

COPD is a lung disease with breath shortness and chronic bronchitis. 

If individuals with asthma used Formoterol alone, it might improve the risk of death.

When the person takes Formoterol with budesonide together, it reduces the risk. 

You can use the foracort 100 inhaler as a prescribed medicine to control asthma symptoms.

The person takes a foracort inhaler at most of the doctor's recommended dose. Also, consult the doctor before taking this inhaler. 

Some side effects of this medicine do not need medical attention and can be fixed over time. If the side effects worsen, speaking with a healthcare professional is good. 

After using a foracort inhaler, the person must raise their mouth with the water.

It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene when using this medicine that offers a better outcome. 

You must consult the doctor before taking a foracort inhaler to control asthma symptoms. 

You can purchase a Foracort inhaler from Sanford pharmacy to save on budesonide/formoterol inhaler price

How does Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md work? 

Foracort is a combination of different medicines like Budesonide and Formoterol. 

Budesonide is a steroid that stops the release of a particular chemical messenger, which causes airway swelling.

Formoterol is a long-acting bronchodilator that helps to relax and widens the airways and muscles in the airways.

These two medicines work together and make breathing easier. The budesonide/formoterol inhaler prevents asthma symptoms in children and adults.  

Foracort 120md inhaler is used to treat moderate and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease like chest tightness, wheezing and others.

How to use Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md? 

The following are some tips on how to use foracort inhaler. It will help you to consume this medicine to control asthma symptoms properly.

You should check the directions on the label of the medicine before using it.

Shake the foracort inhaler before using. When breathing in the mouth, you can press down on the inhaler once to release the medication and hold the breath for a few seconds.

As the health care professional suggested, you can repeat the process until you inhale several puffs. 

Those who are using the foracort inhaler should not stop using it suddenly. Follow the instructions of healthcare professionals regarding tapering the dose. 

Both Formoterol and Budesonide are not release medicines for asthma. It is only used for attack, so you can seek medical attention quickly if the breathing problem worsens. 

You must consult the doctor about using a Foracort inhaler for the children.

You must read the instructions carefully to use the Formoterol and Budesonide inhaler with your medicine. 

Anyone who doesn't understand the instructions must consult the doctor and take it safely.

This medicine might take up to one week before the symptoms improve. If the symptoms don't increase, even if you use this medicine as directed, you can tell the healthcare professional.

With the help of a peak flow meter, you can check the reading at home. Also, you can tell the doctor if the number is lower than what is expected. 

If anyone is under stress, ill or has surgery, the dosage of Foracort 120md might change. Don't change the dosage of medication without consulting with the doctor, which increases the risk of side effects. 

  • Missed dose

It is good to skip the missed dose if it is time for the next dose. 

You can follow the regular dosing schedule. Avoid using two doses at once that cause side effects. 

  • Overdose

You can follow the proper budesonide formoterol inhaler dosage recommended by the doctor to get an effective result. 

Before consulting with your doctor, don't increase the dosage of Foracort 120 md.

If you accidentally use too much Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler, visit the nearby healthcare centre or consult the healthcare professional immediately.

Precautions and warnings       

Tell your healthcare professional if you are allergic to any ingredients in the Foracort Inhaler. 

Budesonide can affect the child's growth, so you don't give this medicine to your kids. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid the Foracort Inhaler 120md because it affects the growth of the baby. 

If you are experiencing chest tightness or breathing worsening, you can consult the doctor for instant treatment.

These signs indicate that the asthma is not controlled accurately, so you need the extra treatment.                                                                                             

If you are taking the Foracort Inhaler, you can avoid contact with the person who is sick or has any infection.

Inform the healthcare professional before taking Foracort Inhaler 120md if you have immune system problems, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure or osteoporosis.

Side effects of Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md

The common budesonide formoterol inhaler side effects don't need immediate medical attention because they disappear quickly. 

If you are worried about side effects, consult the doctor. Let's see common side effects of Foracort inhaler: 

  • Oral fungal infection
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Back pain 
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Vomiting
  • Fungal infection of the oropharynx
  • Voice change
  • Worsened breathing issues 
  • Blurred vision, eye pain or redness 
  • Sores or white patches in the throat and mouth 
  • Flu symptoms 
  • Hormonal disorder signs 
  • Chest pain, pounding heartbeats, tremors and nervousness
  • Leg cramps, fluttering in the chest or irregular heartbeats
  • Muscle weakness  
  • Cough with mucus or feeling short of breath
  • Increased urination or dry mouth 
  • Choking and wheezing  

You can buy the foracort 200 inhaler online from Sanford Pharmacy. We provide a high-quality foracort inhaler at an affordable price. 


Keep Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md in the container and close them tightly. 

You can store this medicine according to the manufacturer's instructions on the label. 

Keep the medicine out of the pet's and children's reach. Also, you can dispose of used medicine securely, which is good for both human beings and the environment.  

Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md at Sanford Pharmacy offers a convenient and effective solution for individuals with asthma and COPD. Its dual action, convenience, and suitability for long-term use make it a preferred choice for many patients seeking relief from respiratory symptoms.


The interactions of drugs may change the working function of the medication. It may also increase the risk of adverse effects.

You start or stop this medicine after getting approval from the doctor.

Before taking this medication, you must share your products with the doctor. It includes herbal supplements, non-prescription medicines and others. 

The individual should avoid taking the following medicines with Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md to avoid drug interactions.

  • Bronchodilators 
  • Heart-related medicines 
  • Steroids 
  • Antifungals 
  • Furosemide
  • Pain killers 
  • Antibiotic 
  • Hiv/aids drugs  
  • Antidepressant 

Frequently asked questions about Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md  

  1. What is Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md used for?

Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler 120md is used in children and adults for asthma treatment. 

It is also used to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with frequent symptoms. You must consult with the doctor before using a Foracort inhaler. 

  1. Is taking Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md effective than the recommended dosage?

No, taking Formoterol & Budesonide inhalers than the recommended dosage can cause side effects. Before increasing the dosage, you can speak with the healthcare professional. 

  1. What are the side effects of using Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md?

Headache, voice hoarseness, throat pain, coughing and oral thrush are typical adverse effects of taking Foracort 120md. These side effects are mild and resolve over time.

  1. Does Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md hold steroids?

Budesonide is one of the components of foracort, which is a corticosteroid. It is an anti-inflammatory medicine used for treating various conditions. 

Besides, corticosteroids are different from the anabolic steroids that are utilized illegally for muscle mass growth.

Is Formoterol & Budesonide Inhaler (Foracort) 120md safe during pregnancy?

Foracort Inhaler 120md is not recommended for pregnant women. It can affect the growth of the baby. 

Before taking Foracort Inhaler during pregnancy, consult a healthcare professional. They can provide the proper guidance on medicine for controlling asthma symptoms. 

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