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Enzalutamide Capsules (Glenza)

Enzalutamide Capsules (Glenza)

Manufacturer : Glenmark | Active substance : Enzalutamide | Alternative Search : Capsules ,Glenza | Prescription : Not Required

Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg, known by the brand name Glenza 40mg, are a medication used in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Enzalutamide Capsules (Glenza) 40mg

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Method of Usage

What is Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg (Glenza 40mg)?

Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg, known by the brand name Glenza 40mg, are a medication used in the treatment of prostate cancer. At Sanford Pharmacy, we are committed to providing patients with access to high-quality medications like Glenza 40mg, along with the support and guidance they need throughout their treatment journey.

Enzalutamide is the active ingredient of the Glenza 40mg capsule.

The enzalutamide capsules are used in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in patients who do not respond to hormonal therapies and surgical procedures.

Apart from treating cancer in the prostate gland, it is used to treat other conditions that the doctor determines.

Doctors recommend this capsule when the cancer does or does not respond to the treatment and spreads to other body parts. 

It is also used in patients undergoing other treatments like radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and surgery.

During treatment, the doctor may periodically monitor for PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) tests. 

This blood test helps measure the PSA level, a protein the prostate gland generates. If a man has prostate cancer, then this level is elevated than usual. 

PSA level helps monitor the disease progression and the response to treatment.

So, taking this capsule as directed by the doctor is essential to treat prostate cancer effectively. Before buying the drug, carefully check the glenza 40 mg price and dosage details at Sanford pharmacy.

How does Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg (Glenza 40mg)?

The glenza 40mg capsule is an antiandrogens. It works by blocking the effect of the natural male hormone, testosterone, on the growth of the prostate cells. 

This element blocks the androgen receptors selectively and then disturbs the translocation of signals from the receptor to the cells.

The androgen hormone does not bind properly to the androgen receptors, so the receptors never interact with DNA.

It blocks the overall functioning of cancer cells and minimizes its multiplication.  

Patient Support Services

At Sanford Pharmacy, we understand the challenges of living with prostate cancer and are committed to providing comprehensive support services to our patients. Our team of pharmacists and healthcare professionals is available to answer any questions and provide guidance on medication use, side effect management, and adherence to treatment.

How to use Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg (Glenza 40mg)?

It is mandatory to take Glenza as prescribed by your doctor. Read the prescription and leaflet in the medication box to understand all the directions to use the capsule effectively.

Take this capsule by mouth with or without food as mentioned by your physician.

Usually, the doctor prescribes a single capsule for a day, so do not increase the dose on your own.

Swallow the capsule whole. Do not break, dissolve, chew, or cut the tablet; it may reduce the drug's concentration and effectiveness.

Never change the dose or dosing schedule without the physician's advice.

  • Missed dose

Take the missed dose as soon as getting the remembrance is welcome. But, in case you forget for a whole day, skip it and continue with the regular dosing schedule.

Never take two doses in a day because it may worsen your condition or increase the risk of getting side effects.

If you still feel bad and want to know what to do precisely, discuss your physician without hesitation.

  • Overdose

Seek emergency medical attention or reach the nearby hospital if you overdose the enzalutamide capsules 40 mg unexpectedly. 

This medication can cause seizures, so work quickly when you consume an overdose to avoid severe complications.

Look for symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, tiredness, severe headaches, and vomiting, as these are related to overdosing.

If you get any of these symptoms, reach the hospital immediately to get medication attention.

Precautions and warnings

You can buy glenza 40mg online from Sanford pharmacy. Please tell the doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to medicine.

Before using this medication, consult your doctor about your medical history, especially if you have high blood pressure, seizures, heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

While checking the enzalutamide capsules 40 mg price, pay attention to the information in the product leaflet. It helps to know the details regarding whether to smoke or consume alcohol when taking this drug.

This medication may make you dizzy, so do not take alcohol and other drugs such as marijuana. It makes you even dizzier.

Do not drive, use heavy machinery, or do anything that requires alertness until you can do these things safely.

It is better to avoid doing these things without knowing how your body reacts to the drug. Limit your alcoholic beverages and drug usage.

Before taking this medication, tell the doctor about all the products you use, including herbal products, non-prescription and prescription drugs.

As this medication can easily be absorbed into the skin and lungs, it may harm the unborn child. It is the primary reason for pregnant women are not recommended to take this medicine.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not take this medication without a doctor's advice.

Patients should use a condom or other form of birth control during this treatment and after three months of stopping the treatment. 

Never stop the medication immediately, as you witness some improvement in your condition. Stick with the schedule for sure. 

The drug may increase the risk of falls, especially in older patients or those with other health conditions.

It may affect how the body responds to sugar; thus, patients with diabetes must monitor their blood sugar level when consuming this drug.

When buying the medication for the first time, pay attention to dosage, expiry date, and other vital information apart from the glenza price.  

If you experience any issues upon taking the drug, consult the doctor immediately. Never do anything on your own that may increase the risk of side effects. 

Side effects of Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg (Glenza 40mg)

Being attentive and sticking to the dosing schedule properly will help avoid common side effects.

Here are the common side effects of enzalutamide capsules that patients with prostate cancer experience at some point, and the symptoms may go away without treatment.

  • Back pain
  • Tiredness
  • Dry skin
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Decreased appetite
  • Constipation
  • Arthralgia
  • Enlarged breasts in men
  • Anxiety

If these side effects persist or worsen your condition, consult the doctor immediately. 

Stop using Glenza capsule and call your doctor if you have:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Severe dizziness
  • Allergic reaction
  • Severe dizziness
  • Heart problems
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Pink or red urine
  • Signs of lung infection

In rare cases, patients may get severe side effects like:

  • Falls and fractures
  • Heart disease
  • Seizures
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome


Store the capsule in the close contains and keep it at room temperature. Also, keep the drug away from excess moisture and light.

Never store the capsule in the bathroom. Likewise, keep the medications away from pets and children.


Drug interactions may modify how your capsule works or maximize your risk for severe side effects. 

Never take this medication with other medicines for infections, hormone replacement, swelling, depression, diabetes, and mental illness because it increases the risk of having a seizure.

The tablet may interact with drugs used for seizure, kidney, and liver problems. Here are a few examples of affected drugs:

  • Asunaprevir
  • Ergot alkaloids
  • Cobicistat
  • Lurasidone
  • Fentanyl
  • Sirolimus
  • Suvorexant
  • Voriconazole
  • Tacrolimus
  • Quinidine
  • Pimozide

Remember that many drugs can interact with Enzalutamide, which includes over-the-counter and prescription medicines, herbal products, and vitamins.

So, it is better to consult the physician about your current medications to avoid complications and side effects.

Patients should not start or stop the drug without consulting the doctor or pharmacist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Enzalutamide Capsules 40mg (Glenza 40mg) (FAQs)

  1. Who should not consume the Enzalutamide capsule?

Enzalutamide capsule is not recommended for people allergic to this drug and its active ingredients. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid consuming this drug as it may harm the unborn child or pass to the baby through breast milk.

  1. Can I smoke while consuming Glenza 40mg capsule?

No! You should not smoke cigarettes while on treatment with this capsule because it may reduce the drug concentration in your body. 

  1. How long does the capsule take to work on my body?

The medication can take several weeks to start working, so continue with the schedule even if you do not notice any improvement in the symptoms. 

  1. Is Glenza 40mg a cure for prostate cancer?

No! It treats prostate cancer and reduces the level of symptoms. Taking the tablet for a long term helps manage the condition. 

  1. Where can I purchase Glenza 40mg tablet?
You can buy glenza 40mg online with or without a prescription from Sanford pharmacy. But, consult the doctor before starting the treatment to avoid side effects.

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