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Placenta Extract (Placentrex)

Placenta Extract (Placentrex)

Manufacturer : Albert David LTD | Active substance : Placenta Extract | Alternative Search : Placentrex | Prescription : Not Required

Placentrex Gel is the best medication to treat non-healing wounds with minimum scars.

Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g

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Method of Usage

What is Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel? 

Placentrex Gel is the best medication to treat non-healing wounds with minimum scars. It consists of human placenta extract that promotes wound healing. 

This medicine helps to improve blood supply, reduce inflammation, and boost wound healing. Besides, it reduces cell damage and alleviates tissue regeneration.

The placenta extract gel has antimicrobial properties against various pathological microorganisms. It aids in treating wounds associated with chronic ulcers and burns. 

You can use Placentrex Gel only externally. However, using it properly as the healthcare professional prescribes is essential. 

You should clean and dry the area before applying the skin. The person should wash their hands before and after using the Placentrex gel. 

You can use them regularly if you need to get outstanding results. You can contact the healthcare professional if you have a burning sensation or allergic reaction symptoms like hives or skin rash. 

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you must speak with the doctor before taking Placentrex Gel. 

Burning sensations and stinging are common side effects when using this medication; some side effects can resolve over time.

The patient with diabetes can use this medicine to treat healing wounds. Before and after treating the infection area, it is essential to wash your hands.

If anyone experiences any allergic reaction, you can stop using this gel faster. This medicine is not suitable for babies.

While using this medicine, you should avoid direct contact with the eyes and mouth. If you touch your eyes accidentally, you can wash your eyes with water and get a medical treatment immediately. 

Continue reading the post to learn what is placentrex gel used for, how it works and how to use it. It will help you to get more information about the Placenta extract.

How does Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel work? 

The active ingredient of the placenta extract is human placenta extract. It works effectively to improve specific protein levels and blood flow. 

Also, it helps to promote the regeneration of tissue and enables wound healing with less amount of scars. 

The ingredients of this gel help to rejuvenate the damaged skin cells without hassle. Conversely, it stimulates the cellular procedure implicated in tissue repair.

This medicine aids in increasing blood circulation to support faster wound healing and lessen the inflammation in wounds.

The Placentrex Gel has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties that treat different skin conditions. It includes boosting hormone levels, improving cell growth and increasing blood circulation.

Human placenta extracts offer various nutrients that boost collagen production and strengthen the skin's structure. 

It is rich in antimicrobial properties, which stop the microorganism's growth. Also, this gel supports angiogenesis and forms new blood vessels required for wound healing.

The placentrex gel 20g keeps a moist atmosphere on wounds that increase the healing.

How to use Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel? 

Placentrex Gel is only for external usage. Before using this gel, you should check the manufacturer guidelines on the product label. 

You can clean and dry the area where you must apply the Placentrex gel. Take a placentrex gel on your fingertip and apply a thin gel layer on the affected area.

After applying the gel, you can wash your hands. Avoid direct contact of gel with eyes and nose that can lead to side effects. 

If the individual can touch these places accidentally, rinse with the water. Use Placenta extracts 20g gel in the dose and period as the healthcare professional suggests. 

The doctor can suggest the correct dosage according to the person's particular condition. Therefore, following the doctor's instructions properly is vital to enjoy placentrex gel benefits.

  • Missed dose 

If anyone needs to rememberforgets to apply this gel on wounds, use them quickly when you remember. 

If it is time for the next dose, you can skip it and continue with the regular schedule. 

Never double the placenta extract dosage, which causes some adverse effects.

Don't increase the dose of this gel to heal wounds without speaking with the healthcare professional.

  • Overdose

It is good to use the placenta extract described by the healthcare professional. 

Using an overdose of placenta extract can cause side effects. Therefore, you don't increase or reduce the dosage without consulting the doctor. 

When you apply an excess amount of gel on wounds, you should visit the hospital or consult a healthcare professional immediately. 

Precautions and warnings 

Breastfeeding and Pregnant women can utilize this medicine if prescribed by a healthcare professional.

The breastfeeding mother should use this gel carefully. If the baby's skin accidentally touchestouchesthe treated area, it causes adverse effects for the little one.

When using this gel, you should avoid using placenta extract in your mouth and eyes. It is because that causes some adverse effects.

If you notice any allergic ingredients in this gel, you should not utilize it to treat wound healing. 

When you experience allergic reactions when using this gel for the first time, you must inform the healthcare professional.

Avoid covering the area being treated with placenta gel with a bandage. It can improve this medicine's absorption, which enhances the adverse effects. 

Do not apply too much placentrex gel to relieve the symptoms faster than the doctor recommends, which causes side effects. 

Placenta extracts don't affect the capability of accessing heavy machinery and driving vehicles. Therefore, the individual can continue any regular activities after applying this gel.

Side effects of Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel

Placenta Extract gel is well-tolerated if you use it as directed by the healthcare professional. 

Like other medicines in the market, this gel might cause some adverse effects in some people. 

Many side effects don't need medical attention as the body adjusts to the medication.

Let's see some common side effects that people might experience:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Stinging sensation
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Dryness

You can consult a healthcare professional if anyone notices unusual side effects when using the Placenta extract.

Availability at Sanford pharmacy

Available at Sanford Online Pharmacy, Placentrex Gel harnesses the therapeutic potential of placental tissue to promote skin regeneration, accelerate wound healing, and rejuvenate damaged tissues.


Store the Placentrex gel at a temperature of 30°C.

It would help if you kept Placenta Extract gel out of pets' and children's reach that prevent misuse. 

Never keep this medicine from direct sunlight, which affects its lifespan and performance.

Don't store this gel in the restroom or direct moisture.

You can safely dispose of the expired or unused Placentrex gel to protect the surroundings.

You can save money on placentrex gel price by purchasing this medicine from Sanford online pharmacy. They provide the Placenta Extract at an affordable price without compromising its quality.


Drug interactions may change the working function of the medicine. Also, it can increase the risk of adverse effects.

You should inform any herbal supplements or prescription medication you have taken with the healthcare professional.

Avoid using gel with other products which contain human placenta extract.

You need to consult a healthcare professional to change or stop the dosage of this gel.

If you are allergic to steroids, immunosuppressants and antibiotics, you can avoid this gel to treat wounds healing.

The following are some medicines that interact with Placentrex Gel:

  • Ciprofloxacin 
  • Erythromycin
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Amphotericin
  • Tacrolimus
  • Vancomycin
  • Prednisone 
  • Cyclosporine 
  • Warfarin  
  • Heparin 

You can avoid using this medicine to heal wounds if anyone has skin allergies.

With its proven efficacy, convenient formulation, and accessible availability through Sanford Online Pharmacy, Placentrex Gel exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare solutions and promoting tissue regeneration for individuals worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel (FAQs)

  1. What are the uses of Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel?

The placentrex gel uses for treating wound healing with its antiplatelet, angiogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. 

It helps to increase the growth of new blood vessels and healthy skin. In addition, this gel aids in promoting faster recovery.  

  1. Is Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel safe to use?

Of cocurse, Placentrex gel is entirely safe to treat wounds healing. However, it is essential to use the dosage the healthcare professional suggests. 

If you experience an improvement in the condition, you don't stop using this gel. 

  1. What are the benefits of using Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel?

Placentrex Gel consists of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that offer numerous user benefits.

It promotes cell regeneration and renewal and prevents microorganism growth and wound healing. 

Also, it helps to treat non-healing and slow-healing wounds such as diabetic, chronic ulcers and burns wounds. 

  1. How to apply Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel?

Placentrex Gel is easy to apply to the affected area like other gels. You must clean and dry the area before applying the gel. 

So, you can wash your hands after applying the gel to avoid irritations and other side effects.

  1. Can I use Placenta Extract (Placentrex) 20g Gel for children?

It is good to ask the doctor before using the Placenta Extract on children. They will analyze the child's health condition and determine the right amount of Placentrex gel for your kids.

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