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Posaconazole (Posacard GR)

Manufacturer : Cadila | Active substance : Psaconazole | Alternative Search : Gastro Resistant | Prescription : Not Required

Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg, commonly known as Posacard GR, is a vital medication available at Sanford Pharmacy for the treatment and prevention of invasive fungal infections.

Posaconazole (Posacard GR) 100mg

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Method of Usage

What is Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR)?

Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) is a prescription medicine to prevent and treat the fungal infection.

The posaconazole is the active ingredient that spreads across the body in children and adults.

It is the best way to deal with serious fungal infection in the lungs and spread via the bloodstream to other organs.

It belongs to a class of medicine known as azole antifungals. Doctors prescribe such a medicine to prevent and treat infection when other medicines do not work.

People often consider what is posaconazole used for and how it deals with infection when it comes to fungal infection treatment.

Antifungal medicine kills and stops fungus growth that causes infection. It is better to deal with severe infection in cancer and immunocompromised patients.

Medication is helpful in avoiding infection in people suffering from high risk and controls progression.

If you want to prevent risk, you can finish the entire course of treatment with this medicine and enjoy a good outcome.

In this way, infection can cure and prevent it from occurring.

How does Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) work?

Posacard GR is the best antifungal medicine to handle fungal infection with the posaconazole tablet.

The main aim of this table is to kill and stop fungus growth. It can affect cell membranes.

Fungal infection causes severe skin infection and trouble with health and wellness.

With this tablet, people can prevent discomfort and treat skin infections effectively.

When taking tablets, patients have maximum protection against fungal infection.

Posacard GR is best asset to inhibit fungal cell growth and cell death and treats infection.

How to use Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR)?

Patients must pay attention to the information provided in the leaflet before starting treatment with posaconazole 100 mg.

Consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or nurse is ideal for getting complete information about the tablets.

Patients must take tablets as prescribed by their physicians and never change their doses.

Take the tablets at the right time every day and prevent missing a dose.

The doctor prescribes the dose and duration of taking medicine depending on fungal infection severity, medical condition, and body response to treatment.

The tablet can take by mouth and control fungal infection effects in the body.

Patients can take Posacard GR with or without food twice regularly on the first day and then take it once a day.

The doctor will decide how long you take medicine by considering other medical conditions and fungal infections.

Patients try to follow the directions of use on the prescription label.

Medicine cannot take less or more and stop in the middle, which causes severe side effects.

Patients must pay attention to the doctor's advice and prescription and take the required dose of medicine.

Never stop taking medicine for a short time without consulting with a doctor.

Patients never chew, crush, or break a tablet and take it as a whole.

Too much or a missed dose can cause adverse effects and progress infection in the body.

Convenience and Accessibility: Sanford Online Pharmacy offers a convenient way to order Posacard GR from the comfort of your home, saving you time and hassle.

Missed dose

When you use Posacard GR for fungal infection treatment, you can take the missed posaconazole dose very soon once you remember.

If it is time for the next dose, you can never take the missed dose and the next dose at the same time.

You can go ahead with a regular dosing schedule and prevent unnecessary problems.

Doctors never let patients take double doses and help them preserve their health against serious effects.


If you take too much dose of Posacard GR, you can seek medical attention from physician immediately.

Overdose causes severe adverse effects include

  • Trouble breathing
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Coughing 
  • Low potassium levels
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever

Precautions and warnings

Before taking the tablets, patients must tell their physicians if they are hypersensitive and allergic to Postcard GR.

Patients must ask the doctor about ingredients in medicine that cause allergic reactions and other health issues.

Also, tell your doctor before suggesting medicine if you have

  • Liver problems
  • QTc prolongation
  • Arrhythmias
  • Low magnesium, potassium, and calcium levels

Doctors can prescribe medicine to pregnant and breastfeeding women, whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Patients must inform physicians about ongoing therapies and medical history that cause potential effects or interactions.

Preventing alcohol consumption is essential to make you feel dizziness and drowsiness.

Patients don't perform any task that requires high mental alertness.

Avoiding driving a vehicle and operating machines is essential after consuming Postcard GR.

Patients must understand posaconazole uses and how it prevents effects on the body.

The doctor closely observes the working mechanism of the tablet and adjusts the dose based on the condition.

Side effects of Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR)

People highly seek immediate medical attention for posaconazole side effects. Some effects may disappear as the body alters to the drug. 

If you repeatedly face effects and worry about them, consult a medical expert and get an ideal solution.

Here are some of the common side effects of Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) 

  • Rash
  • Decreased appetite
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Decreased white blood cell count 
  • Dizziness
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Decreased potassium level in blood
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Decreased magnesium level in blood
  • Tingling or pricking sensation
  • Anorectal discomfort
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased glucose level in the blood
  • Low blood glucose level
  • Hypotension 
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Insufficient number of red blood cells
  • Low blood platelets
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion

These side effects make the condition worsen. Consult a physician immediately if you experience adverse side effects.

Following a doctor's advice and guidelines is mandatory to prevent unwanted side effects. 


Keeping the medicine in an ideal place is vital to prevent unwanted access. Patients must store the medicine at perfect room temperature and manage them out of children.

Before using the drug, patients must know the cost of posaconazole and buy it from Sanford pharmacy.

Tablet must store in safe room temperature and away from heat and moisture.

To safeguard children against poisoning, place tablets in the safest place and out of reach and sight.

Expired medicine can be disposed of with proper care and ensure that children, pets, or others never consume it.

Apart from that, you can never flush medicine in the toilet. 

Proper disposal of medicine helps you safeguard the environment, children, and surrounding places.


If any drug interacts with this medicine, it may change the work mechanism and enhance the risk of infection.

Before taking the drug, patients must focus on posaconazole gastro resistant tablets 100 mg price and understand the possible interaction.

Doctor consultation is essential to stop, start, and alter the dose of prescribed medicine.

Patients must inform doctor about existing medicine use for health issue.

The doctor advises patients not to take particular medicines with Posacard GR.

Patients should try to consult with a doctor about currently taking or planning to take any medicine before using posaconazole for fungal infection treatment.

Inform physicians about prescription and non-prescription medicine, nutritional and vitamin supplements, and herbal products to take along with this medicine.

The doctor is the only person to adjust the dose and observe the medical condition closely for side effects.

You can prevent taking particular medicines when using Posacard and eradicate side effects, including

  • Terfenadine
  • Astemizole
  • Cisapride
  • Pimozide
  • Halofantrine
  • Quinidine

Patients should try to eat gluten-free foods and non-starchy vegetables and limit caffeine and alcohol intake. 

Let the doctor know about medical histories like heart disease, kidney or liver issues, low levels of potassium and magnesium, and blood disorders.

Patients with kidney disease can take it with extreme caution. The doctor observes kidney function through the tests.

Liver disease patients try to use medicine with proper caution to prevent adverse effects.

Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) is a valuable medication for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections. At Sanford Online Pharmacy, we're committed to providing convenient access to Posacard GR and other essential medications, backed by quality assurance and expert guidance.

Frequently asked questions about Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) (FAQs)           

Is Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) safe to deal with fungal infection?

Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR) is the safest remedy to deal with fungal infection. You can use the required dose at an ideal time as prescribed by a physician. Never stop consuming medicine, whether you experience improvement in your condition. When you discontinue medicine, you can face worsening symptoms.

Can I stop the medicine when I feel better?

Now, you can never stop taking medicine alone without consulting a doctor. Medical experts decide the dose and how long you take medicine based on your condition. Speak with a physician if you feel any side effects. Once you finish the course of treatment, the doctor can change the dose gradually. You can follow the doctor's instructions and control the effects.          

What types of fungi treat by Posaconazole Gastro Resistant 100mg (Posacard GR)?

Posacard GR is antifungal infection to treat infection cause by different forms of fungi like candida and aspergillus. Medicine can prescribe to severely immunocompromised patient who endure chemotherapy or blood transfusion.

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